Titan Retention

Mounting Options


Our standard mount works with all plate carriers that have molle webbing on the outside of the front panel.

Weapon Retention Standard Mount

JPC 1.0

The JPC 1.0 mount is a wider plate to accommodate the wider outboard molle slot on JPC 1.0 plate carriers. This option will also work on the JPC 2.0 with a molle front placard.

Weapon Retention Crye Mount


The Velcro mount is for plate carriers that lack an outer layer of molle on the outside of the front panel. A few examples of such plate carriers are the JPC 2.0 in certain configurations, Swift Clip carriers, and the Ferro Slickster.

Weapon Retention Velcro MountAll mounts allow pouches to be mounted on the front panel and cummerbund as shown below

Weapon Retention With Front Pouches                               Weapon Retention With Side Pouches